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Are you a graduate of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, SIAST or any of our predecessors? Where would you be without the education you received here?

Help current and future students keep their dreams alive with a gift to our Growing Tomorrow Fund.  

Each year we receive 11 TIMES more applications for emergency bursaries and scholarships than we can award. Our goal is to help 100 more students this fall, but we need your help. We’re challenging you to think about what your education is worth and donate $10 a year for every year since you graduated (or whatever you can) to our Growing Tomorrow Fund.

Please click here to pitch in now. Every dollar helps a student keep their dream alive. THANK YOU!

You can also return this form with your donation. If you have any questions, please call  Dianne Craig at 306-659-6938 or email Thank you!


Here’s the kind of impact your gift can make in the life of a student.

Getting cancer removed from your neck isn’t how most students dream of spending spring break, but my daughter is grateful - and not just for her now clean bill of health.

Erica is a student at Sask Polytech - and if it hadn’t been for the help she got from caring alumni like you while she was recovering from surgery, she may have had to drop out.

This girl is no quitter. After noticing a lump on her neck, Erica had a biopsy on her second day of classes. It came back as cancer and they told her they’d need to remove half of her thyroid. She had that surgery during spring break. Then they needed to remove the other half the week of convocation. Would you believe she moved out of her apartment, found a new place, studied for her board exam, moved again, convocated, wrote her board exam and had surgery - all in SIX DAYS? That’s Erica.

But she didn’t do it alone.

“My instructors took the time to give me extra assistance and really made me feel like I could get through this, even with all my health problems,” recalls Erica.

Right after earning her dental assisting certificate, she was determined to complete an advanced diploma in dental hygiene, too. But the surgery meant she couldn’t work that summer. (Her dad and I helped as much as we could, but with our other child in university, on his second degree, our savings were gone.)

 Erica applied for the Sask Polytech Alumni Award. This $1,000 award, funded entirely by donations, helps the children and grandchildren of past graduates like you and me. She GOT IT!

 “With tuition and books plus all the dental instruments, rent, gas, groceries - and not being able to work for two months - it relieved so much stress and panic of ‘How am I going to pay for all this?’,” says Erica.

I graduated from nursing here in 1987. (It was Wascana Institute back then.) I worked for years at the Plains Health Centre - the same building where Erica takes her program! It’s so cool coming in to be her guinea pig. Sitting in the dental chair, the memories come flooding back.

If you believe your education at Sask Polytech, SIAST, STI or any of the earlier schools helped you get where you are today, then I have an easy way for you to give back:

Will you join me in helping another hardworking student fight for their dreams by donating to the Sask Polytech Alumni Award fund?

If you were one of the people whose donation helped my daughter, I can’t thank you enough! If, like me, you’d never heard of this award, please join me in helping another fellow grad’s child or grandchild.

You never know when it could be your own child needing the help.

Liz Sweatman, RN, Wascana Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences Class of 1987 & 1983

Help us grow tomorrow for students like Erica. Questions? Please contact Dianne Craig at  or call her at 306-659-6938.