RBC and Saskatchewan Polytechnic Help Students Prepare For the Future of Work

Saskatchewan Polytechnic with support from the RBC Foundation is identifying what we need to do to prepare students for the changing nature of work and what that will mean for programming as we move further into the 21st century.

In November, at the Saskatoon Business & Industry Dinner, Sask Polytech President and CEO, Dr. Larry Rosia, announced that the RBC Foundation is donating a $100,000 gift as part of RBC Future Launch, a 10-year commitment to unlock the potential of young people and prepare students for the future world of work.

This investment will help Sask Polytech prepare our students with skills for the future—skills that will enable them to make complex decisions, think critically and creatively, apply entrepreneurial concepts to their work, and appreciate the dynamics of working within a team structure.

The workforce of tomorrow will require such skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of rapid change and technological disruption, experts say. The RBC Foundation gift will help Sask Polytech launch a pilot project to create assessment tools and curriculum focused on evaluating and addressing the soft skills needed for the workforce of the future. Many students know their future will be defined by disruption. Sask Polytech’s pilot project will help develop tools for students and employers to retool, rethink and rebuild as the age of disruption takes hold.