Step into the New Year

Step into the New Year with our January 10,000 daily step challenge!


The focus of this challenge is to recognize the beneficial connection between daily movement and mental health. During this challenge, we record how many steps we take, and make note of how we feel as we increase our daily step count.

The Step into the New Year challenge runs for the month of January, with registration open until January 21. Your goal is to document how many steps you take each day and log your weekly total.

A little incentive is always nice too! Register before January 21 and log your steps weekly to be eligible to win weekly and grand prizes. Plus, you’ll receive a badge you can use to display your accomplishment.

To register for the challenge, or see more details, check out Step into the New Year!

7 Creative Ways to Sneak in Those Steps

  1. Listen to some upbeat music
    A good set of tunes can be energizing and mood lifting, a great combination to get you up moving and grooving.

  2. Walk and talk
    Think about your next Zoom meeting or phone conversation, can you try a walk and talk meeting? If walking isn’t an option, a standing meeting might work great to sneak in steps while walking on the spot.

  3. Carry in your grocery bags one at a time
    Instead of trying to bring all the groceries at once, grab one grocery bag in each hand at a time. Your steps will add up quickly by making the extra trips.

  4. Drink lots of water
    When you start the day, fill up a bottle of water and intentionally drink and refill it throughout the day. The water consumption and bottle refills result in added steps from your frequent trips to the kitchen and washroom.

  5. Do a quick tidy up
    A five-minute tidy up can be a great way to sneak in steps. You can easily add an extra 200 steps to your daily count.

  6. Take 10
    On days when committing to anything over 10 minutes seems overwhelming, follow the Take 10 rule. Consider taking 10-minute walks spread out throughout the day. Take 10 will offer a chance to clear your mind and you will increase your daily step count.

  7. 1.5 kilometer (KM) range
    Instead of opting to drive to locations within close proximity, say 1.5 KM, consider walking there. When you consider the time it takes to start the car and move through traffic, you may end up saving time by walking and increase your daily step count while feeling rejuvenated.

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