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Will You Help Us Grow Tomorrow for Sask Polytech Students?

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is so much more than buildings, books and equipment. Every day, our dedicated faculty and staff in Moose Jaw, Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert bring learning to life! Thank you. 

Sask Polytech students WANT to succeed in their programs … but sometimes financial barriers can get in the way. Will you help us support student success?


The Growing Tomorrow Fund is a way for YOU to help support the dreams and ambitions of Sask Polytech students TODAY, and invest in their TOMORROW.

Your gift will be combined with gifts from Sask Polytech employees just like you, and used to support student awards, emergency funding and enhance education and student life at Sask Polytech. Many small gifts from many people like you, can have a BIG impact.

You can decide how you want your gift to be used

  • To support scholarships and bursaries
  • To fund a specific memorial fund or a project
  • Or to enhance education and student life at Sask Polytech

You can decide how you want to make your gift

No matter how or how much you chose to donate, your gift will support the dreams and success of current and future generations of Sask Polytech students.

Donate today to help grow tomorrow.  How would you like to make your gift?



Thank You!

How Your Gift Can Impact a Student

Erica is a student at Sask Polytech - and if it hadn’t been for the help she got from caring donors like you while she was recovering from surgery, she may have had to drop out.

Right after earning her dental assisting certificate Erica was determined to complete an advanced diploma in dental hygiene. But the surgery meant she couldn’t work that summer. Her parents helped as much as they could, but with another child in university, their savings were gone.

Erica applied and was selected to receive a Sask Polytech Student award. The $1,000 award, funded entirely by donations made a big impact on her life.

 “With tuition and books plus all the dental instruments, rent, gas, groceries — and not being able to work for two months — receiving the student award relieved so much stress and panic of 'How am I going to pay for all this?'," says Erica.



Donations of $10 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Official Charitable # 10795-7540-RR0001

The name you provide on your pledge form is what will appear on your charitable donation receipt. CRA has requested donors provide a middle initial.

Your gift and gift history are considered to be private and confidential information. To protect your privacy, all electronic and print information regarding your gifts will be sent to your home address and/or personal email address.

Please help us locate our alumni. Alumni are graduates of Sask Polytech and all its predecessor institutions (i.e. SIAST, Kelsey Institute, Wascana Institute, STI, NIT, etc.) If you are an alumni, please register now.