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The Growing Tomorrow Fund is a way for YOU to help support the dreams and ambitions of Saskatchewan Polytechnic students TODAY, and invest in their TOMORROW.

Your gift will be combined with gifts from people just like you, and used to support student awards and emergency funding that help keep student dreams alive, and enhance education and student life at Sask Polytech.

Many small gifts from many people like you, can have a BIG impact.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

From blood work to brake work, Saskatchewan Polytechnic graduates are the heartbeat of Saskatchewan’s economy — vital to your everyday life! Everywhere you look (and everywhere you don’t think to), the people who studied and trained at Sask Polytech are there. They are the leaders, the dreamers, the builders… the doers.

Please support the next generation of Sask Polytech students and donate now. THANK YOU!

If you are Alumni you can help by accepting our Alumni Challenge.

Sask Polytech Employee? You can do your part accepting by participating in our annual Growing Tomorrow Employee appeal

If you have any questions, please call Megan Gilewich at 306-659-4571 or email Thank you!