Start 2021 the Right Way

Looking to start 2021 the right way. We are here to help our alumni community get active and healthy with a New Year’s workout plan. Each month Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Recreation and Fitness team offers a variety of fitness programming including monthly wellness challenges that focuses on adding movement into our daily routine, while providing encouragement and resources to achieve our personal best. Maybe a fitness classes is something you have always been wanting to take on your own. Or do you need a personal fitness consultation. Sask Polytech Fitness and Recreation has a number of different options for the available for you to meet your fitness goals.

Wellness Challenge

January is Step into the New Year with our 10,000 daily step challenge! The focus on of this challenge is to recognize the beneficial connection between daily movement and mental health. During this challenge, we record how many steps we take, and make note of how we feel as we increase our daily step count.

Amanda Powers, wellness team lead says, “The challenge is to get everyone to participate in regular physical activity. Physical activity, in all its forms, is something that research has proven to be beneficial; though to reap the benefits it must be done regularly.” Powers adds, “Regular activity can affect how we feel about ourselves. This, in turn, can allow our motivation to grow and develop over time. You may notice what started as a wisp of a desire to be active is now an unstoppable hurricane of dedication and commitment.”

The Step into the New Year challenge runs for the month of January. Your goal is to document how many steps you take each day and log your weekly total.

Chris Knoop, wellness instructor says “The best way to accumulate steps is by simply walking. If you enjoy jogging, you’ll accumulate steps more quickly. These activities can be done outside or inside your work or home environments.” He adds, “Your treadmill, your phone or other devices such as smart watches, Fitbits or pedometers will record the number of steps taken as long as the device is attached to you. You can build steps with a combination of physical activity as well, consider dancing, sporting activity, etc.”

A little incentive is always nice too! You will log your total steps weekly, and in turn be eligible to win weekly prizes as well be entered to win grand prizes at the end of the challenge. Plus, you’ll receive a badge you can use to display your accomplishment.

To register for the challenge, or see more details check out Step into the New Year!

Fitness Classes

Alumni members can also enjoy Fitness and Recreations live stream fitness classes through ZOOM. Each week our wellness instructors will guide you through energizing workouts utilizing body weight; no equipment required. Each class is edited and uploaded onto our YouTube channel, Saskatchewan Polytechnic Fitness On-Demand.

Classes include:

• Circuit: A quick session that challenges your heart and lungs while you work at your own pace.

• Strength and Intervals: A full body workout experience that will continually change from week to week. This class focuses on the foundational movements of pushing, pulling and pressing while challenging your strength as well as your cardio fitness.

• Yoga: A gentle, beginner friendly movement of asanas (postures) – using our breath to move us from one asana to another. We will work through stretching out from our head to toes.

Go to Saskatchewan Polytechnic Fitness On-Demand for more details.

Did you know!

Sask Polytech also provides personal fitness consultations. We can build a program for you to do on your own and schedule in-person sessions so the trainer can check in on your form and progress.

For full information on Fitness and Recreation services, see

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