Leading the Change

Saskatchewan Polytechnic launched a bold, new strategic plan: Leading the Rise: Bringing polytechnic education to new heights. This strategic plan builds on Sask Polytech’s strengths and successes and will guide the institution’s direction over the next five years.

“Sask Polytech’s new strategic plan is built on a commitment to ensure our learners receive the education and hands-on learning opportunities they require to succeed in their careers, in their communities and in their lives,” says Dr. Rosia, president and CEO. “We know that by empowering learners to realize their career goals throughout their learning journey—a journey that will last a lifetime—we can create a better Saskatchewan and a better world.”

The foundation of this strategic plan is based on the Cree phrase, miyo wahkohtowin, which expresses the value and positivity of interconnectedness and good relationships. This principle will guide every interaction, institutional practice, procedure, policy and service Sask Polytech provides to learners, faculty, staff, alumni and our communities.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s vision is to lead the rise of polytechnic education for the future. Our leadership position comes from a drive to define the reputation of polytechnic education in Canada and establish its role in building a better future. This means we will support transformative learning journeys through applied learning and research. To invest in our future by investing in sustainable programming, infrastructure and skills to achieve success. To develop innovators who take on the challenges and opportunities. We will do this by meeting the needs of our stakeholders through our innovative, integrated approach to applied learning and research, led by the differentiators that set us apart:

  • Employer-driven and learner focused,
  • Career-ready, applied education,
  • Flexible learning,
  • Enhanced learner experience, and
  • Globally recognized programs.

Our mission is to inspire success in every learning journey. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is passionate about creating an environment where lifelong learners gain the knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve and succeed at work, in their communities and in life. We can shape our future by supporting transformative learning journeys through applied learning and research. Work towards fostering a culture of creativity and thought leadership to solve future problems. We know that by empowering learners to realize their aspirations, we are building a better Saskatchewan and a better world.

The purpose of the new plan is to empower a better Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s focus is to encourage an economically and socially stronger, more informed and better-prepared Saskatchewan. We do that by investing in the future of education, ensure physical and digital infrastructure, support future-focused training and applied research. Foster a sustainable future through effective stewardship of resources. Support employees with lifelong learning and career development. Strengthen collaboration with partners in future-focused sectors of the economy. Deliver innovative, market-ready solutions to employers through applied research. This will empower Saskatchewan’s communities to lead, thrive and grow.

Sask Polytech will lead an inclusive future. Supporting a diverse and inclusive community where everyone belongs and thrives. Recognize the interconnectedness of individuals, communities and natural systems through miyo wahkohtowin. And foster a learning environment that is responsive to learner needs and supports learner success.

As we look forward to the next chapter, applied education has never been more critical to our collective success, at home and around the world. We realize opportunities for individuals (learners, staff, faculty, employers) and the collective — Saskatchewan at large. Dr. Rosia adds, “Through our leadership position in Saskatchewan, we establish our reputation nationally and around the world. We have an ultimate reason for being, which inspires not only our vision and mission, but hopefully everyone that connects with Saskatchewan Polytechnic.”

To learn more about Leading the Rise: Bringing polytechnic education to new heights please visit https://saskpolytech.ca/news/posts/2020/sask-polytech-launches-new-strategic-plan.aspx.

September 2020



Saskatchewan Polytechnic serves students through applied learning opportunities on Treaty 4 and Treaty 6 Territories and the homeland of the Métis.