Adelaide Fesik earned the award from the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission for achieving the highest mark on the journeyperson exam in a trade where women are underrepresented

December 2023

Parts Technician Adelaide Fesik of Mikado, Saskatchewan feels at home working in the skilled trades. Growing up on a farm, Fesik has been exposed to agriculture her whole life. “I really like agricultural equipment,” she says. “My dad was a [heavy-duty equipment] technician. It’s a homie situation, like a comfort zone for me to be working on your own equipment.”

Fesik embraced the idea of pursuing a career in the skilled trades in high school. She says she met with career counselors who talked about the benefits of working in the skilled trades. 

At first, Fesik considered becoming an Agricultural Equipment Technician but chose Parts Technician because she could take the certificate program online through Saskatchewan Polytechnic. After completing, Fesik was hired by Pattison Agriculture in Kamsak, indentured as an apprentice in 2021 and earned her Red Seal in 2023.

Throughout her apprenticeship journey, Fesik praises her employer for supporting her goals and helping her succeed. She credits Rob Goddard, director of Parts, as her mentor who encouraged her to become an apprentice. Earning her certification is important to Fesik. She says, “I wanted to have the highest education and the most amount of knowledge I could in my field to help me be better at my job.” She also recognizes that certification opens the door to more opportunities and gives her an advantage in her career.

As for her future plans, Fesik wants to pursue Sask Polytech’s Bachelor of Applied Management (BAMgt) and is working toward becoming a manager with Pattison Agriculture. Currently, she’s enrolled in their management training program, where she’s learning financial processes and presentation skills to be well prepared for a management role.

In November, the SATCC awarded Fesik the Wendy Davis Memorial Scholarship for achieving the highest mark on the journeyperson exam in a trade where women are underrepresented. Fesik was surprised she won the award and is proud of her achievement. “I was very excited,” she says. “I was pretty happy, and the fact that [the award] is for women, I thought that was fantastic.”

“Congratulations to Adelaide for receiving the SATCC Wendy Davis Memorial Scholarship,” says Brenda Suru, dean for the Faculty of Technologies and Skilled Trades at Sask Polytech. “Your determination to acquire the highest education in your field and continue your learning journey demonstrates your hard work ethic. You are a great role model for other women who want to pursue a career in the trades.”

Fesik finds her career as a Parts Technician rewarding and offers advice for young women thinking of entering the skilled trades. “I would say don’t listen to the downers and just believe in yourself because you can do anything you put your mind to.”


This story has been reprinted with permission from the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission.