Zach Heiberg co-founds innovative videography venture

March 2024

A phone call after a workday in construction changed Zach Heiberg’s life forever.

“That phone call got me into the videography industry so quickly,” he shares, recalling the moment he found out he was accepted at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. “My learning journey with Sask Polytech brought me an opportunity to jump directly into a career I’m passionate about.”

In 2016, Heiberg was contemplating the next steps of his career as he worked in construction.

“I was doing videos for fun. At the time, I was unaware that creative video production was a possible career path. I knew I loved technology and being creative with technology,” he shares.

After doing some research, Heiberg landed on the New Media Communications certificate program at Sask Polytech. With content on web design, audio, photography and video, the multifaceted program was a one-year certificate at the time of his studies.

Tanis Wilder, academic chair of School of the Information and Communication Technology, explains the program has evolved into the Interactive Design and Technology (IDT) two-year diploma.

“Students learn several aspects related to digital design and media. Graduates may land careers in front-end web development, UX, app design, social media marketing, in addition to photography, audio, and video. The field is constantly changing. Students are now learning immersive technologies. These skills make them highly employable in industry,” she says.

“There are no more than 30 students accepted into the program. This allows for a lot of feedback from instructors and classmates. People get tightknit in this program because they’re in the same classes for two years. They have common interests and bond with each other.”

The community at Sask Polytech was a draw for Heiberg. Hailing from Regina he enjoyed studying at a campus in his hometown and appreciated his experience of hands-on learning in a smaller class size. A member of the last cohort of certificate students, he began his career in the industry the same way he began his education, with research and a bit of good timing.

“I looked up videography businesses in Regina for my work experience. I was hired during my internship,” he shares.

Wilder, who was an instructor of Heiberg’s at the time, recalls how she helped facilitate the work experience. As part of the program, students are required to complete a work experience or a client-directed project. She notes that students having a chance to work in the industry enables them to get a feel for the field.

“It’s a good opportunity for students to get an idea of what the job will entail and build connections within the industry. We refer to it as a four-week job interview for students. It’s their time to shine,” she notes. “What the program did for Zach was provide him with opportunity. He learned skills and got connected with industry. His drive and determination took him to being a successful entrepreneur.”

Heiberg’s ambition to create more pushed him to co-found his own videography business, Tandem X Visuals, with his brother in 2018. Since they started the business, they’ve added a third member to their leadership team and incorporated in 2019.

Tandem X Visuals has worked with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Canadian Western Agribition.

“Sask Polytech was able to connect me instantly with relationships in the industry,” he notes. “Sask Polytech taught me by using a 'hands-on' approach and opened the door for real world experiences that led me to start Tandem X Visuals.”

Says Wilder, “Seeing students succeed is the most rewarding aspect of my work at Sask Polytech. I love seeing students take the skills they learn here and succeed in industry. It’s even more exciting when graduates grow the Saskatchewan economy with the businesses they create.”
Heiberg now welcomes students from the IDT program to Tandem X Visuals.

“Sask Polytech students are coming in for work experiences now. I can’t wait to mentor them and help them level up,” he says.